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5 Healthy Meal Delivery Services for Quick, Tasty Meals
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5 Healthy Meal Delivery Services for Quick, Tasty Meals



Matt Lyons

Meal delivery services have been a godsend for thousands of busy families. Getting a healthy meal on the table isn’t as much work as it used to be with the addition of these types of services. What started out small is now an entire industry on its own as meal delivery services have taken over, and with good reason. Families are saving tons of time on grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking their meals by having fully prepared meals delivered right to their door. And with so many different services, there is a healthy meal delivery service for everyone. Here are five healthy meal delivery services for you and your family.

1. Organic Meal Kits:

If it is crucial for you and your family to eat organic, try out a meal kit like Green Chef. Green Chef is certified organic and offers a wide range of healthy meal plans. They also prioritize working directly with farmers to source sustainable ingredients. As far as the kits themselves stack up, each ingredient is well portioned, and those who tested the kit reported the meals to be filling and satisfying. Additionally, if you are concerned about single-use plastic packaging when it comes to meal delivery kits, you can rest assured with Green Chef as they use recyclable packaging wherever they can. You can find their plans in portions for two, four, or six people to accommodate any size family.

2. Meal Kits for Weight Loss:

If you have weight loss goals, try out Dinnerly. Dinnerly is excellent for those trying to be conscious of their weight because of all the different meal options they have to choose from. You can select low-calorie meals, low-carb meals, keto-friendly meals and more. Additionally, testers reported Dinnerly as being one of the more accessible meal kits to use so if you have beginner-level cooking skills, this is an excellent service to try out. And if you have kids, they also have kid-friendly options as well. This one also comes at a lower cost than Green Chef so if you are looking for something cost-effective, make sure to give it a try.

3. Meal Kits for Busy Families:

As for meal kits that the entire family will love, try out Home Chef. Home Chef starts you off with a quiz to help determine your family’s preferences. This one is great for busy households as they divide their meal kits by how long it will take you to prepare them. You can choose from meals prepared in 30 or 15 minutes, with the latter coming with pre-chopped and prepped ingredients that need to be assembled. They also have a fast and fresh option that can be assembled instantly and then heated in the microwave or oven. Then they have their oven-ready and grill-ready options, which require you to throw the meal in the oven or on the grill for a quick and easy dinner. No matter what time you have, this meal kit makes it easy for anyone to get a healthy meal on the table in record time.

4. Meal Kits for Singles:

Most meal kits are designed for couples or families as each portion will typically feed between two to four people. With singles, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Let us introduce you to Tovala, a unique meal delivery service for one. These meals come mostly prepared or with little to minimal prep. You can use the Tovala Smart Oven that comes in the starter kit to prepare their meals or use the toaster oven you already have to cut costs.

5. Meal Kits for Vegans:

Some meal delivery kits include vegan options in their plans, but they tend to be lacking if the brand doesn’t focus on this area specifically. Purple Carrot is a fully vegan meal delivery service. In addition to being entirely plant-based, you can filter their meal options by low calorie, gluten-free and high protein. If you want to test out this service before you try it, you can find their meals in the frozen sections of grocery stores like Whole Foods and Target.

Mealtime Made Simple

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get on board with this easy and stress-free way to prepare dinner. Getting a healthy, nutritious meal for your family every night doesn’t have to be complicated. Try out one of these excellent meal kit options today and allow yourself to relax more in the evenings.

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