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Beating Brain Fog With Memory Tea
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Beating Brain Fog With Memory Tea

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Rowan Tuffs

It’s the middle of a busy week, you just got done working a double, and now you seem to have lost the ability to form a coherent thought. Brain fog has made its dreaded appearance yet again.

Exhaustion is a reality many of us have the displeasure of managing on a consistent basis, and it often leads to a fuzzy brain that is finally succumbing to the pressures of being overworked. Though it might feel like a struggle to beat back against the dense wave of brain fog that threatens to drown you, hope is not lost. 

While a cup of coffee may generally suffice to nudge you in the direction of productivity, the real secret behind rejuvenating your mind is through the power of herbs and tea.  

Boost Your Brain Function

Brain fog can be difficult to manage and pretty impossible to ignore due to its negative impacts on your ability to think and concentrate, so you know you should try to do something about it. The question remains: what can you do?

As it turns out, there’s actually a few options that could help you ward off the fog. Memory boosting tea provides a delightful remedy to an overworked, stressed out brain. Rather than downing an absurd number of energy drinks and succumbing to the inevitable crash afterwards, take care of your body and mind with a tasteful cup of tea. 

How Memory Tea Helps Clear Your Brain

Traditional tea is brewed from the Camellia sinensis and contains some caffeine, which stimulates your brain and improves your ability to concentrate. Herbal teas, referred to as tisanes, are made by infusing stems, petals, and roots of other plants in hot water to extract their enticing flavors and medicinal properties.

A cup next to two books
Different teas have different effects, so try a range of types to produce the results you want to see. 

Memory tea fits the role of a tisane and is brewed using specific herbs that have reputations for boosting cognitive function, which includes memory retention. As you grow older, there is a common fear of gradually losing your ability to remember situations and information you’ve always known prior, which is certainly a distressing thought. 

All is not quite lost, though. There are preventative steps you can take as you age to keep your brain healthy and prolong its cognitive abilities. Since memory tea is brewed from plants that have shown to positively influence the brain, it provides a wonderful solution to brain fog while also working to protect you from neurodegenerative diseases. 

Why Herbs Matter

Working through a particular problem calls for appropriate solutions, and that includes the menace that is brain fog. When picking between several choices of tea to confront your ailment, do the research to see what’s inside before you brew. 

Herbal tea crafted with the intention of curing brain fog requires high quality ingredients whose qualities naturally boost cognitive function and increase memory retention. Always be sure to choose a tea that has legitimate, effective ingredients to generate the best results.    

Gotu Kola

Viewed by different cultures as an item of longevity and good health for thousands of years, gotu kola is an edible leaf with a distinct shape that has been shown to positively impact brain health. It is hailed for being an intelligence enhancer and studies pertaining to the effects of gotu kola in children show significant changes in IQ and general intelligence assessments, implying gotu kola had a profound effect on the brains of children. 

Gotu kola leaves
Gotu kola has been shown to repair damage done to neurons and improve the connection of networks in the brain. 

In studies done on human and animal participants alike, gotu kola appears to increase the outgrowth of dendrites present within the brain cells. This boosts the activity shared between multiple brain cells by increasing the density of axons, connecting areas of the brain and promoting neural network growth. 

By improving the contact between different regions of the brain, both brain hemispheres have a greater opportunity to function together, which stimulates better neural performance and increased creativity. 

Ginkgo Leaf

Ginkgo trees are among the oldest on the planet, and their fan-shaped leaves have medicinal properties that make effective remedies for various health afflictions. The ginkgo leaf has been hailed by many cultures as a tonic that works to repair damaged brain tissue and boost the production of stem cells in the brain.  

A ginkgo leaf
The ginkgo leaf has been used to treat a variety of brain-related conditions like depression, anxiety, and memory loss.

Change For The Better

If brain fog is a constant stressor in your life and you’re looking to rid yourself of its burden, your best bet is to figure out which aspects of your daily activities are contributing, whether inadvertently or directly, to your brain health. 

There are various factors of your life that influence the way your brain functions, from your regular diet to your ability to get a restful night of sleep. When many of these aspects take a turn for the worse, their combined effects will eventually add up and place a burden on your brain. 

Adjustments You Can Make In Your Life To Vanquish Brain Fog

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and participate in regular exercise
  • Make sure to get a sufficient amount of sleep every night so you feel rested in the morning
  • Sustain a diet rich in nutrients to nourish your body and health
  • Reduce stress levels in the brain so they do not negatively influence your mental state

Your brain is an incredibly important part of your body - it basically makes you, you! Treat it with care to see the improvements you want to make in your life finally blossom. Make healthy choices alongside a cup of memory tea and the results will speak for themselves. 

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