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Healthy Sweet Snacks You Need to Add to Your Grocery List
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Healthy Sweet Snacks You Need to Add to Your Grocery List



Matt Lyons

Sweet, Yet Healthy, Treats to Satisfy that Sweet Tooth

If you’re one with a sweet tooth, you know how difficult it can be to avoid unhealthy and sugary cravings. Luckily there are some amazing healthy sweet snacks out there that won’t leave you wanting more. Check out these recipes for great healthy snack options that will still satisfy your sweet tooth! 

Chia seeds 

Maybe you’ve heard of chia seeds before, or maybe you haven’t! They are very small seeds that are rich in various nutrients. Chia seeds also contain other antioxidants, minerals, fibers, and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Chia seeds
Check out your local grocery store for some chia seeds the next time you shop!


Chia seeds are a great source of antioxidants. They help neutralize free radicals, which are reactive molecules that can damage 

Lower risk of heart disease

ALA is the omega-3 fatty acid found in chia seeds. This acid has also been linked to decrease the risk of heart disease. Soluble fiber, which is also found in chia seeds, can help lower bad cholesterol in the blood and also fight to reduce the risk of heart disease as well. 

Support bone growth

Several nutrients are present in chia seeds including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.  Many studies suggest that these nutrients help maintain bone mineral density. Consuming chia seeds on a regular basis can increase the bone mineral density 

Decrease blood sugar level 

Research from 2013 suggests that eating a meal containing chia seeds will help lower rises in blood sugar after other meals throughout the day. This is due to the fiber content and other beneficial compounds within the seeds. 

How to make chia seed pudding

The process of making chia seed pudding will only take you a couple steps: 

  • Stir together chia seeds and milk in a bowl. Try to measure 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds to one cup of the milk. 
  • Once the mixture is combined, let it sit for five minutes and put it in the fridge to set for a few hours overnight. 
  • Once taken out of the fridge overnight, the completed mixture should be thick. If it’s too liquidy, consider adding in some more chia seeds. Just stir again and refrigerate for about 45 minutes. 

Frozen yogurt bites 

Yogurt can be high in protein, calcium, and vitamins. These can also offer protection to our bones and teeth and prevent any potential digestive problems. Low-fat yogurt is ideal for this recipe to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits of the yogurt without taking in any added sugars or artificial sweeteners. 

These yogurt bites taste just like a dessert and are so easy to make:

  • Line a six cup muffin pan with cupcake liners.
  • Spoon around a quarter of the yogurt into each individual liner.
  • Cut up a fruit of your choice such as kiwi and add it to all of the liners. You can even incorporate a nut like almonds! 
  • Freeze for two hours. 
Bowl of almonds
Almonds make for a delicious ingredient packed with vitamin E, riboflavin, fiber, and phosphorus. 

Coconut carrot ice pops

Coconut carrot ice pops

This snack will be the perfect way for you to cool down after a hot day. If that may not be the case, this snack is still a yummy treat packed with healthy ingredients guaranteed to help with those sweet tooth cravings. 

The ingredients in this recipe consist of:

  • one can of unsweetened coconut milk.
  • one can of carrot juice.
  • a half cup of grated carrots.
  • a half cup of sugar.
  • one tablespoon of peeled ginger.
  • one tablespoon of fresh lime juice. 


  • Combine all ingredients into a blender and purée.
  • Pour the mixture into ice pop molds. 
  • Freeze for around eight hours until solid.

A key ingredient in this recipe, carrots, are vegetables that can help provide substance and flavors in various dishes. Carrots are packed with nutrients you should be taking in every single day. Beta-carotene is the nutrient that makes carrots orange and encourages good health. Once consumed, beta-carotene turns to vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes good eye health, lowers the risk of cancer, and encourages weight loss. Other ingredients in this recipe such as ginger can reduce pain, help you look younger, and make it a lot easier for your digestive system to break down food once you are finished with a meal. 

Simple Botanics squares

A great option for a healthy sweet snack are the Simple Squares by Simple Botanics. These squares come in two flavors: honey nut and chocolate chip honey nut. 

This product is similar to a granola bar but incorporates ingredients that are both natural and healthy:

  • Cashews.
  • Organic Gluten Free Oats.
  • Almonds.
  • Honey.
  • Allulose.
  • Almond Butter.

These squares are also: 

  • Non GMO.
  • Dairy free.
  • Soy free.
  • Gluten free.
  • Refined sugar free.
Simple Botanics squares
You can currently purchase a box of 12 of each flavor for just $23.99 here. You can use the code “SB20” to save twenty percent of your overall order. 

If you are one with a sweet tooth, it can feel near impossible to stop those kinds of cravings. However, there are many healthy and natural ingredients out there that can satisfy your cravings just as much. Hopefully you will give one (or a couple) of these healthy and delicious sweet snack options a try!

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