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Is Green Tea a Good Fat Burner? Here's What the Experts Say.
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Is Green Tea a Good Fat Burner? Here's What the Experts Say.

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Anthony Stockton

Hello and welcome to the best article on green tea’s ability to help you burn fat that's ever been written in the entire history of the heavens or the cosmos. Or at least, the best one that’s been written today. And in my book that’s close enough. So you are here to figure out if green tea can help you burn fat according to the experts huh? Well that’s interesting because “expert” is actually a pretty vague term these days. It’s almost subjective what experts a person will accept opinions from in the 21st Century.

It seems like only half the country ever accepts a person as an expert on the subject they have a whole degree in in this day and age. As a society we have such a widespread distrust in academia, government, and our institutions that it’s hard to say who is actually an expert on a subject anymore. I can tell you this, I am not an expert on the subject. I’m not really an expert on any subject. Well except maybe how to stream of consciousness ramble in order to hit your word count each day. But here’s the thing that’s actually really cool about me. I went ahead and did it and I actually read what the experts said and I will relay it to you free of charge.  

That way you don’t have to do anything but you still get all the important info. t's basically like you did your own research and you should feel good about that. You aren’t a sheeple. But if you want to feel even better, you should check out the article below. It’s jam packed with all the information you need that the experts have to say about green tea’s utility as a fat burner.

Green tea is widely known to have positive health benefits, but does it actually help you burn fat? Let’s find out.

So Is Green Tea A Good Fat Burner?

Short Answer No. Long Answer Yes. Don’t Worry You’ll Get Both

So although there are a small handful of studies that show that green tea does in fact help you body burn fat, in particular belly fat, the issue is that the amount that the green tea is helping your body burn fat is so negligible that for all practical purposes you shouldn’t rely on green tea to help you burn fat. And that’s because it really doesn’t do all that much for you. And while there are other weight loss benefits to drinking green tea, the fact that it’s some sort of miracle fat burner just isn’t one of them.

The reason that green tea helps you burn fat is because it is pretty chocked full of caffeine. Since caffeine causes an increase in your metabolic rate, that is what accounts for the small amount of weight loss that has been observed in studies. See if melting belly fat off was as simple as drinking caffeine everyday, then every coffee drinker on the planet would be thin as a rail because a cup of coffee contains more caffeine than a cup of green tea. If caffeine was the answer then you would expect other caffeinated beverages to have a reputation for being a good fat burner, but you don’t see that. And that’s because caffeines influence on your metabolic rate isn’t enough to substantiate genuine weight loss. So although green tea is technically a “fat burner,” the amount of fat you will burn because of it will be so insignificant that you probably won’t even notice it.

Expert opinion on green tea being a good fat burner is a little split, but that’s mostly because they are talking about different things.

So That Was Your Short Answer. This Is Gonna Be Your Long Answer

Green Tea Can Still Be An Effective Option for Weight Loss Even Without the Fat Burning Effects.

The reason that green tea is actually effective for weight loss and losing fat is that green tea's primary ingredient is? That’s right! Water!... Oh wait... You said green tea? Hmmm, you might actually have a point there. I guess I didn’t specify that I was asking what the main ingredient in the beverage version of green tea is. But just so you know, In the beverage version of green tea, the main ingredient is in fact water. Good old fashioned H20. Just like I said.

Because of this, for every 8 ounces of green tea you drink, you are also drinking 8 ounces of water. And drinking more water is related to weight loss across the board. There are a couple reasons for it, but consuming more water everyday keeps your body operating at a higher level of efficiency. Everything from your metabolism to your digestion will be improved. And because of this, your body burns more fat and keeps you looking thinner and healthier. By keeping your body well hydrated all the time you hold its process and use energy more effectively. And because of this, it helps our body to burn more energy than it takes in, in a day, which is the true secret to burning fat.

Since green tea's primary ingredient is water, drinking it comes with all the weight loss benefits associated with drinking more water.

Green Tea CanHelp You Replace Calories

Well Not Exactly Replace, But Prevent You From Consuming Them

On top of that, it has been shown that drinking water before a meal leads to people eating a pretty significant chunk of less calories during their meal. Since you fill the space in your stomach with liquid there is less space for food. Because of this you take in less calories than you otherwise would have in order to feel full. And while this effect isn’t that drastic, over the course of a year it can have a profound influence on your weight. In order to burn fat, your body needs to be burning more calories than it takes in, in a day. So if you reduce the number of calories you eat each day by drinking a cup of green tea before your meal, you will see consistent, if somewhat slow weight loss, over the course of the year. It’s just simple displacement. If you displace the calories you would intake from the food with the small number of calories from the green tea then your body won’t have as many to burn for energy and will need to burn your belly fat to power itself.

Which brings us to another important point, staying hydrated actually increases the rate at which your body burns calories by 2-3%. Which again, isn’t the largest margin in the world, but it is remarkably consistent. And if you stick with your new green tea habit, and begin to keep yourself more hydrated on a daily basis, then you will see a combination effect from all of the small ways that green tea helps you manage your weight and burn fat, turn into a pretty substantial way to increase the effectiveness of your diet and workout routine.  

Weight loss isn’t an easy journey for anybody, but you can give yourself a little bit of extra help burning fat by introducing some green tea into your workout routine.

There you go. You have officially gotten a long answer and a short answer just like I promised. If you combine all the weight loss benefits you get from drinking water with the fact that green tea does in fact burn a little bit of fat because the caffeine speeds up your heart rate, you come out with a pretty resounding answer to the question “is green tea a good fat burner.” Which is basically, um sorta.

But here’s the good news. Keeping your body more hydrated everyday by drinking green tea can help you lose weight. It’s not going to miraculously help you shed pounds in a week like some crazy diets might lead you to believe. But it’s very much a tortoise and the hare situation when it comes to green tea. It might not help you lose the weight overnight but if you stick with it, and take it slow and steady, you will see the weight start to come off. Slowly but surely.

And on top of it helping you lose weight green tea is also packed full of nutrients and antioxidants that help you look and feel healthier. So there really isn’t any downside to trying to make the switch to green tea. It’s good for you and it’s honestly pretty great tasting as well. And besides, who doesn’t want to look and feel better while also making a healthy lifestyle choice?

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