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It’s Coming Back to Me: How Tea Can Help With Memory
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It’s Coming Back to Me: How Tea Can Help With Memory


Tea is one of the most popular drinks around the world. With numerous health benefits and wide accessibility, tea has become a great way for people to experience a boost in their health. Different teas produce different outcomes for your body- green tea, for example, is great for cognitive function while peppermint tea is great for stress and anxiety relief.

Of course then, that means there is a tea out there to help with memory retention. In this article, we’re going to be focusing specifically on memory tea: what it is, why it works, and how to use it. So, if you’re interested in improving that declining memory of yours, then stick around to keep reading!

What is Memory Tea?

Before you consider trying out this specific kind of tea, you’re probably wondering what it is anyway.

A glass of tea is in a clear mug on a table.
Tea is a great way to help your body with its natural functions-- its no surprise the liquid gold can be an aid to your memory retention.

Memory tea isn’t just one tea in particular, but a blend of various teas that when combined make a super blend that gives you the most benefit.

Usually, a memory tea will contain teas ranging from, but not limited to, hibiscus flower, ginkgo leaf, ginger root, and bilberry leaf. These teas are great for memory in these ways:

  • Hibiscus flower- Hibiscus flower is great for memory because it contains vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Drinking this tea daily heightens your brain power, memory, concentration and helps with your overall mood- this helps with getting rid of those nagging thoughts of anxiety to improve the nervous system and heighten productivity.
  • Ginkgo leaf- This tea is already a popular staple to many Ayurvedic practitioners and Chinese people as it is used within medicine to help with cognitive impairment disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease. For those who are just looking to improve their memory, this tea is also great because it has shown to help boost mental clarity and memory retention.
  • Ginger root- Ginger root is great because of the antioxidants and bioactive compounds that it contains. These things help reduce inflammation in the brain, while also helping enhance brain function in a direct way.
  • Bilberry leaf- Bilberry use has a lot of great benefits, but when it comes to memory and brain health, the plant is great because it is known to help with long-term and working memory in adults.  

These are just some of the great ingredients that are a part of memory tea that help you feel better than ever when it comes to your brain health.

Another important aspect of memory tea are the things that make it so impactful in the first place. Tea contains several ingredients that help your brain receive the benefits, while you begin to feel great.

Tea contains flavonoids- these are a group of chemicals that are found in fruits and vegetables that give the food its bright color. They are important because of the antioxidant powers that reduce inflammation. Tea also has lots of L-Theanine which is an amino acid that induces a relaxed state without making the body sleepy-- it has been shown that when ingested regularly over a long period of time, L-Theanine works alongside the other components of tea to help improve memory and cognitive alertness.

Why Memory Tea Works

Tea works alongside the functions in your brain to help produce better outcomes over time.

A cup of hot tea is placed in a white mug on a white table, it is surrounded by dried flowers.
Recent studies have shown there is a correlation between drinking tea and an improvement in not only your memory, but in other ways as well-- there isn’t a way to lose with tea, there’s nothing but positives!

Over the years, research has been conducted throughout the globe to try and understand the power of tea. Researchers and doctors have particularly paid attention to the effect it has on memory and the way it helps your brain perform everyday tasks.

One way that tea has been proven to help is how it influences the neural connections in the brain-- drinking tea appears to help with retaining any intact neural connections between those related brain regions. This essentially means that as the brain gets older it becomes more organized, or is able to stay up to speed despite any physical changes that could slow the body down.

When looking at the way the brain functions after tea consumption, six regions of the brain that are in charge of nodal connections showed some sort of improvement in structural efficiency, which t is not present in non-tea drinkers. Scientists say this isn’t surprising due to the fact that this region of the brain is paired with aging in the brain.

There’s lots to understand about the way tea influences the brain, but scientists are beginning to understand that tea consumption over long periods of time helps the brain perform tasks better, while helping you feel more organized and sound as the body continues to age.

How to Use Memory Tea

It’s not as hard as you think to enjoy a great cup of memory tea.

When it comes to drinking tea, specifically memory tea, you can consume the liquid gold like you would any other tea!

Some tea products will give you the tea leaves already neatly packed into their individual packets, allowing  you to take one out and steep it in hot water for a few minutes, while other tea products will come as a loose leaf. This means you’ll have to find something to put your tea into in order to steep it-- there are a range of easy and great products available for steeping. Watch for metal mesh balls that allow you to fill the inside with the tea leaves, or there are even fun animal designs that latch onto the side of the cup that allow you to enjoy not only the great taste and satisfaction of your tea, but also the cuteness that has found its way into your cup.

Memory Tea We Recommend

With all this information, you may be wondering where to go next-- no worries, we got you!

A bag of memory tea from simple botanics fills the picture.
Memory tea doesn’t have to be daunting-- this blend of ingredients from Simple Botanics will have you feeling confident in your memory in no time. Photo courtesy of Simple Botanics.

A great memory tea that we recommend are the Organic Memory Tea Bags from Simple Botanics. This tea blend features some of those great products we talked about earlier- hibiscus flower, ginkgo leaf, ginger root, and bilberry leaf. All ingredients are organic and premixed in convenient bags so you can feel cool and confident about just plopping one into your favorite mug with some hot water.

Containing all the great benefits tea has to offer, this memory tea will leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied while also helping improve brain function to get you to feel more confident in your memory.

So, be sure to give memory tea a try-- this is a product that gives you nothing but benefit, so there really is no reason not to find a mix that tastes and works for you!

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