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It's Time To Party - Turn Up The Beet
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It's Time To Party - Turn Up The Beet



If you’re debating between which diets are best for you, it would be hard to go wrong with a plant based diet that emphasizes vegetables, fresh food and whole ingredients. Plant based diets are superior for overall well-being and have many nutritional benefits - foods include whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. When eating a plant based diet, there are simple principles to follow: limit animal products and processed foods; focus on plants, greens and whole foods; cut down on your sugar intake. Although this diet minimizes the amount of meat you eat, it doesn't exclude it. Sometimes, it is confused with vegan or vegetarian, but on a plant based diet you can be more flexible with meat.

One of the main benefits of a plant based diet is that it can improve your health and potentially help you lose weight. Eating fruits and veggies will make you feel fuller longer and with fewer calories. By adopting good eating patterns, your body will be able to keep the weight off, in the long run.

Choosing a diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables may also help ward off many chronic diseases. Research shows that adopting a plant based diet may be an effective way to manage and reduce your risk of developing diabetes because it is packed with foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients. Fiber helps aid in digestion, while lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Additionally, having a high intake of plant based protein may lower your risk for heart related diseases. Stated on Medical News Today, “The Brazilian study looked at 4,500 people and concluded that those who had a diet rich in plant-based protein were 60 percent less likely (than people who had a diet rich in animal-based protein) to develop a buildup of plaque in the arteries of the heart.” Consuming the right types of food is critical to have a healthy heart.

When starting a plant based diet, you may feel your body getting stronger and more energized. Eating whole foods sustains your energy longer than processed foods, which makes you lose energy. Other benefits to this diet include: reducing risks associated with cancer, cognitive decline and skin conditions. Adopting a plant based diet is also good for the environment because you’re emphasizing local ingredients that aren't produced in a factory. Overall, if you choose to embrace the plant based diet, we believe you will receive positive outcomes that improve your overall body function and make you feel healthier.

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