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Let's Kettle Down
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Let's Kettle Down



Anna Yachnin

Traditional chinese medicine (also known as TCM) is a way to create the life you were born to lead and the life you've always wanted. TCM can support change in all aspects of life including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is one of the oldest healing methods on the planet. TCM includes natural treatments such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, exercise, stress/emotional supports, etc. There are many benefits ranging from chronic pain to high blood pressure.

There are five main principles that traditional chinese medicine follows. The first is that our bodies are able to respond to the environment around us. Our bodies respond directly to the environment around us and it uses different organs to properly respond to our needs. The second is our body knowing how to heal itself. This means that in time, our bodies become stronger in some areas and become weaker in others, but eventually we find ways to work them out. This is why we used supplements like herbs that can help restore the body and help it to properly function again.

The third principle to TCM is that every part of our body is connected. While each of your organs functions and performs on its own, it also complements other organs so that your body can perform daily tasks. All of these components are connected and reliable toward one another equally. With these systems working in harmony, your body can work towards health and well being. The chinese philosophy of yin and yang is the fourth principle to TCM. Yin and yang is the understanding that contrary forces can have an interdependent relationship with one another. Herbs may be prescribed so that you can restore balance to opposing forces (yin and yang) that run through channels of the body. The theory is, if you allow everything in your life to flow and work in harmony, your body will let itself adjust to the circumstances surrounding it.

The fifth and last principle of TCM acknowledges the outside factors that affect balance in the body. In emotional states such as stress, anxiety, fear or trauma the natural balance of our body can become swayed. Once we stop and assess the situation that is making us feel this way, we are to cope and confront the issues.

Herbal therapy is one of the easiest ways to incorporate TCM into your everyday life. TCM uses herbal therapy for treatment of illness and optimization for your health. Stated on, “Rather than prescribing specific herbs, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine typically combine a number of different herbs in formulas selected depending on the patient's individual needs. These formulas may be given as teas, capsules, tinctures, or powders.” Common herbs such as astragalus, ginkgo biloba, cinnamon, ginger, and ginseng can be found being used in TMC. Herbs can act on the body just as strong as pharmaceutical drugs and give you the same benefits in a natural way.

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