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The Health Benefits of Including Nuts For Protein
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The Health Benefits of Including Nuts For Protein

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Rowan Tuffs

We all feel the need to snack as we go throughout our day. Having quick and easy food options to munch on while you fill the time between each of your meals allows you to get some extra calories in your body, keeping you satisfied until it’s time for dinner. 

But does what you choose to snack on matter that much? As it turns out, snacking impacts various areas of your health that have the potential to change things for better or for worse, so it’s critical that you make smart decisions when it comes to what you put in your body.

Even though junk food is a tasty, convenient option in the world of quick bites, it isn’t something you want to over indulge in. Foods high in protein are what your body needs most, and including nuts in your diet is a marvelous way of getting those vital nutrients! 

The Stigma Against Snacks

Many people associate snacking with poor diets and unnecessary weight gain. It is viewed as a waste of calories that can negatively affect your health, and while excessive snacking can certainly have serious consequences on your body, there is nothing inherently wrong with it. In fact, eating snacks can be extremely beneficial to sustaining good health!

Snacks eaten shortly after finishing a workout session help quicken muscle recovery and replenish stored energy in the body. Choosing a snack that is a carbohydrate and protein source is important and will have the best impact on your body.

Keeping portion size in mind and being aware of what you put in your body matters. Plant based proteins are a necessity for a vegan diet, and nuts provide the nutrients you need to keep your body healthy. 

A pile of cashews
Nutritious and filling are qualities to look out for when choosing your next snack, and nuts are a perfect candidate to replace unhealthy junk food. 

Benefits of Different Nuts

There are so many different nuts available to you in every grocery store you walk into, so it’s a good idea to explore your options the next time you take a shopping trip. If you’re set on boosting your protein intake, see what nut might be the right fit for you. 


Though technically considered a legume like lentils, peanuts are one of the most common nuts on the market. They’re generally accessible, convenient, and have a delightful flavor that makes them a perfect snack food.  

Out of all the highly consumed nuts out there, peanuts happen to pack the most protein. They also provide you with essential carbohydrates, fiber, and calcium. Peanuts are high in the vitamin biotin, which helps your body convert food into energy. 

If you aren’t the biggest nut fan in general, then peanuts are a great way to introduce extra protein in your diet while also getting a tasteful experience. 


Considered to be a seed, almonds are a part of the same family as peaches, mangoes, and cherries. To produce a single almond, an entire gallon of water must be used. 

Almonds are packed with protein, as with any other nut, and have a high amount of antioxidants present in the brown skin. Antioxidant compounds protect your body from free radicals that cause oxidative stress, which can lead to health complications such as heart disease and certain types of cancers. 

Over thirty types of almonds exist, and a majority of them are grown in California!

Many almonds in a bowl
Almonds are a great source of protein in a vegan diet, but the high amount of water they require to produce may not be the most environmentally friendly option, so some vegans might prefer to avoid them. 


These nuts are an immensely popular, tasty snack worth trying. Considered to be a seed like almonds, cashews are rich in protein and essential vitamins your body needs to thrive. 

The mineral copper is present in cashews, which works to help your body create red blood cells and connective tissue. Consuming cashews aids your body in other ways by helping to support your body from illness. Low intake of copper may lead to conditions like osteoporosis, a health concern that is characterized by brittle, weak bones that have an increased risk of sustaining damage.  

Other Nuts Worth Trying

  • Pistachios
  • Walnuts
  • Brazil nuts
  • Pine nuts
  • Hazelnuts
Various types of nuts on display
Nuts are a great way to incorporate protein into your diet, and there’s so many different kinds to try that you’re bound to find a favorite!

Exploring Healthier Options

Taking The Honey Route

When you’re on the lookout for healthier snack options, you should try to distance yourself from consuming a lot of sugar. Junk foods contain high amounts of sugar and trans fats, which can negatively impact your health when consumed regularly. 

If you like sweets but need to cut back on the sugar, honey makes for a pretty good substitute. Raw honey is the best way to include an unprocessed sweetener in your diet, and the great news about honey is that it tends to require a smaller amount than traditional sugar. Instead of over indulging in sugar, try to substitute honey and see what kind of effect it has on you. 

The Tasty Truth 

Now you know all about the secrets of nuts, so aren’t you eager to try including them in your diet? Even if you’re a little on the fence about it, simply trying out different kinds of nuts as potential snacks couldn’t hurt. 

The health benefits of nuts are plentiful and deserve to be recognized. Snacking does not have to be an unhealthy habit, despite what you might think. Give nuts a try and get an extra boost of protein today!

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