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What is Milk Thistle Tea Good For?
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What is Milk Thistle Tea Good For?

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While some folks love the strong notes of black teas or the rich, vegetal flavor that accompanies green teas, there are those who find the floral goodness of herbal tisanes to outshine the rest. You could very well be one of those people, which explains how you happened upon this article.

If herbal teas are right up your alley and you’re in the market to try a new brew, then milk thistle tea might be just what you’re looking for. 

While you might not have expected to encounter this peculiar drink, know that milk thistle tea can affect your life for the better. Not only does milk thistle make for a sweet cup of tea - it can sweeten your health in many ways too!

What’s Milk Thistle? 

Forget the tea aspect for a second. Milk thistle, known scientifically as Silybum marianum, is a plant that is widely regarded as an annoying weed. Its name comes from the creamy substance that the plant secretes when the flowers are crushed. Milk thistle is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia, though it was introduced to the Americas by way of colonialism. 

Milk thistle belongs to the Asteraceae family, which also includes flowers like daisies and sunflowers. Growing as an annual or biennial plant, milk thistle can survive in climates that range from moderate to temperate, which explains its ability to thrive in multiple regions around the world.  

Milk thistle seeds on white fabric.
Milk thistle seeds and leaves are used to brew tea. They are packed full of essential nutrients such as potassium and calcium. 

Milk Thistle in History

Greek botanist and physician Dioscorides is credited as the first individual to document the health boosting effects of milk thistle. Later, in 1597, English herbalist John Gerard noted that the plant functions as a great remedy for melancholy diseases, such as certain types of depressive disorders.   

Others boasted of milk thistle’s healing properties. The relevance of milk thistle as a medical remedy grew significantly. To extract its effects, the leaves and seeds of milk thistle are infused in hot water. Once brewed, milk thistle tea gives off a slightly sweet flavor that can be enjoyed with honey and milk.  

Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Tea

It’s no secret that milk thistle has gained popularity on account of its health boosting qualities. You can find it as an ingredient in a range of different dietary supplements that line the shelves of your local supermarket and in various home remedies. It’s practically everywhere! 

While there has certainly been a recent increase in the demand for milk thistle within the consumer world, this is far from a new phenomenon. Milk thistle has been utilized for thousands of years due to the positive effects it has in regards to promoting good health.  

Consuming milk thistle in tea form helps to reap the benefits of milk thistle in a simple and effective manner. Let’s explore some areas of your health that milk thistle tea can provide possible benefits to.  

A purple milk thistle bulb.
Milk thistle has been used for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years. It was known to be effective when treating problems of the liver and kidneys, but it has an even wider range of health boosting capabilities. 

Liver Health

Milk thistle has been used for its amazing effects on liver health since it was basically discovered as a medical miracle plant. Milk thistle tea can offer a boost to your liver health since the main compound present in milk thistle, silymarin, has antioxidant properties. 

With the assistance of milk thistle, your liver has an easier time detoxing your body and fighting back against free radicals, which can harm the cells inside your body. Milk thistle also promotes effective metabolism of fat and can aid in weight loss. 

The results in treating some liver diseases with milk thistle show promise in animal subjects. Among these diseases includes alcoholic fatty liver disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and cirrhosis.   


Milk thistle tea has insulin regulating properties and can reduce the blood sugar levels in individuals who have diabetes. Incorporating silymarin into your diet through milk thistle consumption will improve your blood glucose levels. This can be helpful to those who deal with type-2 diabetes. 

Heart Health

Milk thistle tea has anti-inflammatory effects that are good for heart health. By decreasing inflammation, milk thistle will improve blood circulation and minimize the possibility of developing blood clots.   

Another benefit that milk thistle tea can offer your heart health is by lowering high cholesterol levels that may lead to heart disease. 

Other Milk Thistle Properties

  • Good for bone health
  • Offers protective effects against cancer
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Supports skin health

Cream is being poured into a cup of tea.
Milk thistle tea has a slightly sweet flavor profile with strong floral notes. Though it serves as a healthy addition to your lifestyle, it can be enjoyed simply as a delicious beverage. 

Make Milk Thistle Your Next Cup

Now that you’re familiar with all of the wondrous qualities of milk thistle tea, aren’t you tempted to have a sip? If you’re a lover of herbal teas who happens to care about your well being, milk thistle tea may very well be your next favorite thing. 

The praise that milk thistle has earned over the years is well deserved with its effective, health promoting characteristics. The benefits of milk thistle range from regulating blood sugar to promoting liver health, and some of its capabilities are still remaining to be discovered. 

Unlock the effects of milk thistle tea by seeing what it does for you! 

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